Fresh Tech Maid

01.2021 to 08.2021


  • Weekly client and staff emails
  • Redesigned recruitment pipeline
  • CMS transition from WordPress to Webflow
  • SEO optimization
  • Blog posts


43% lift in search engine placement on Google*

98% lift in email clickthroughs (YoY)

22% decrease in employee turnover (YoY)

*After transitioning from WordPress to WebFlow.


Fresh Tech Maid is a cleaning company which specializes in chemical-free cleaning. As with any large metropolitan city, the Professional Cleaning industry in Chicago is heavily saturated with both small and large players. In 2021, Fresh Tech Maid faced two principal challenges: differentiating the company’s offerings in a highly competitive landscape and recruiting enough maids during the tail end of the CoVID-19 pandemic. After a month of deliberation, it was decided to transition to Webflow, allowing for faster prototyping, A/B tests, and higher Page Speeds. I went on to meticulously rebuild the website, taking special care to avoid search ranking penalties. The effect was immediate: our website climbed from the bottom of first page of Google to one of the top three results. Two pages I am especially proud of our 38 Neighborhood landing pages, as well as our Recruiting page.


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