Favorite Sites

An unofficial collection of some of my favorite things on the Internet.

Aeon →

Long form articles with a focus on philosophy.

Archipelago Books  →

A non-profit New York publisher with a wide selection of translated works.

Arts & Letters Daily →

Hand-curated aggregator with a selection of articles, books, and essays.

Cryptogon →

An unsettling journey into the underbelly of Neoliberalism.


Le Monde Diplomatique →

Come for the analysis, stay for the in text citations.

McSweeneys →

A handy barometer to gauge the temperament of North American humanities graduates.


Indie publisher with a wide selection of reprints and world literature.

Quartz →

Short, smart analysis on global trade and social trends.

SomaFM →

What we listened to before LoFi hip hop. 

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